Noel and Wendy Wootton are residents at Regis Corinthian Court Retirement Village in Townsville, Queensland. Both have been volunteering at the Retirement Village since they moved in eight and a half years ago. They are passionate about helping others and organise songs, music and quizzes for residents’ monthly BBQ and special functions and events at Regis Kirwan.

Noel and Wendy, treasurer and acting president of the residents committee respectively, volunteered their services as both of them share a common interest in musical society productions, and musical and acting groups.

They prepare music sheets for residents at Regis Kirwan and the Retirement Village to ensure all involved have the words for the songs so that they can take part in singing. They often have themes for functions especially on Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day and Australia Day. Being committee members, the residents reach out to them to discuss any issues they face at their Retirement Village.

The Woottons believe they have a good community of residents at Regis Corinthian Court. Besides working together to look after the residents’ interest, it keeps them in a good frame of mind.

“If you have a function, people will be more inclined to come and join in. This helps to bring our community together, instead of them staying in the villa or apartment.”

“If you keep in contact with people, it keeps them younger” added Wendy.

Outside of volunteering, they spend time with their grandchildren and enjoy going to the movies and church. Where possible, they indulge in holiday to visit family and friends.

Home to Noel means the centre of family life, while Home to Wendy is where her husband of fifty-two years is. They have always had the time for each other, even when Noel worked long hours prior to retirement.

The Woottons believe their retirement living move was the best thing that they did, and they adjusted quickly to apartment living.