Meet Rosa, a volunteer and member of the Regis Fawkner Community. Her mother, Maria, is a resident at the Home, which was the driving factor that encouraged Rosa to be involved at Regis Fawkner. It was imperative to Rosa that she remained “very connected” to her mother as she transitioned into Aged Care. This led her to start volunteering at the Home on a regular basis. Rosa is of Italian Heritage and is extremely fond of cooking Italian food, especially “easy bites that are very much enjoyed by all.” She loves running cooking demonstrations but is also known to organise Italian music and bands which residents often sing along to. Regis Fawkner has a strong sense of culture and Italian influence, making Rosa’s contributions a perfect addition to the Lifestyle program.  

Maria was at Regis Fawkner during COVID-19 outbreaks, making the experience for her and her family members unprecedented. Rosa reiterated how supportive the entire team was, and how thankful she is that they always ensured she “was in regular communication with the Home and always granted the opportunity to speak with (her) mum.” Especially during these more challenging periods, Rosa shared how “Regis made every effort to support me in every possible way…and with the utmost care.” 

Regis Fawkner is a warm and friendly home nestled in a local neighbourhood in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs which maintains strong links to the community. The General Manager, Matthew Bazsika, is known for his kind and caring nature, who always “makes every effort to connect families with the Home.” To find out more about Regis Fawkner or to pop in for a chat, please go to our Regis Fawkner page or call our friendly team on 1300 998 100.