Namrata Baskota, Acting Clinical Manager at Regis Lutwyche.

Regis has a positive perspective towards employees; they encourage and give us opportunities to grow in our career”

Namrata is the acting Clinical Manager at Regis Lutwyche. Namrata completed a Proficiency Certificate Level in Nursing from Nepal and a Bachelor degree in Nursing from the University of Sunshine Coast. She recently celebrated her five years of service with Regis. Celebrating this milestone, Namrata shares her experience working with Regis.

When did you join Regis?

I joined Regis Salisbury in September 2014 as an Assistant in Nursing (AIN). After attaining my Bachelor degree in Nursing, I moved to Regis The Gap as a Registered Nurse. I am currently at Regis Lutwyche as a Clinical Team Leader and Acting Clinical Manager.

Why did you join?

Primarily I wanted to work in the Aged Care Industry because of my passion for caring and provide nursing assistance to elderly people.

When the time came for me to do my TAFE placement, I searched around, and I applied to Regis. During my placement, I noticed the culture and values of everyone working at Regis. My values align with that of Regis (Optimism, Passion, Integrity, and Respect), which I think makes me a better person in my life. I knew Regis would be the right place for me as I applied for a permanent position after my placement.

What do you like about your role / your team / Regis?

About my role: I like the variety of learning opportunities that I come across daily. The challenges I face daily helps me learn and grow both personally and professionally.

About my team: I love the collaboration and coordination between team members because everyone shares the same vision and dedication to work. My colleagues allow me to be myself and be innovative and creative at the workplace. The important thing I like about my team is that we support each other in providing quality care to our residents.

About Regis: Regis has a positive perspective towards employees; they encourage and give us opportunities to grow in our career.

What do you like about working with the elderly?

When I make them smile, they shower me with their blessings.

What do your colleagues say about you?

“You have the most positive attitude with compassionate nature, as a colleague, I can rely on you for both personal and professional support.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

Summarising my journey to date, I have had an enjoyable experience from the very beginning of my professional journey at Regis. The level of support I have received so far at Regis has been extraordinarily significant. The team I have been working and have worked in the past has been the best in my career.

The most important thing is the level of knowledge I gained from Regis, which will always add more value to my life. I have learned from my seniors and received support from my colleagues. Not to forget the fantastic management of Regis who believed in me and supported me through this year’s journey at Regis. I appreciate all the support.