Committed volunteer, Doug Petty, has been giving his time to our residents at Regis for the past eighteen months. Doug wanted to reconnect with the community and now has the pleasure of supporting four gentlemen at Regis Playford in South Australia. Tommy, Ivan, Bill, and Patrick have got to know Doug over this period and their time together is special. They talk about life, share photos and stories, and quite often Doug brings in a ‘mystery object’ for them to admire and discuss – it’s always a great conversation starter!

“I bring joy to each of my four guys and to myself – I always go home happy.”

Fishing, flying, DIY and bonsai’s are just some of the things Doug enjoys in his spare time, and ‘the guys’ love hearing about what he’s been up to. With them all relating on many different levels, this friendship and connection is something truly special and the rewards for everyone involved are immeasurable. Doug was the joint winner for the Volunteer of the Year Award at the Regis National Care Awards in 2020.

Volunteer Aged Care