Winner: Jeano Dib

Finalist: Tracey Phillips

Jeano Dib’s passion for dementia care is like no other. Having worked solely in the Dementia Support Unit for 8 years, Jeano’s kind and gentle nature is indicative of the love and respect she has for residents with dementia. Providing a higher level of care is never a burden for Jeano, who treats all residents in her remit with respect.

Working in dementia care can be challenging and requires strength of mind and spirit, qualities which Jeano has in large quantities. The way Jeano handles difficult resident behaviour is lauded by her peers who learn from her interactions and the level of esteem she shows. When Jeano is around, residents are calm, happy and quick to participate in singing, dancing, arts and crafts and even morning walks. She has a remarkable ability to motivate and inspire all those around her.

Jeano is also known for her brilliant one-on-one contact with individuals, which has been described as positive and uplifting. She is always respectful and considerate, offering residents more than just care but a shoulder to lean on and a reliable avenue of support.

As her team says, Jeano is a ray of sunshine during dark days and makes Regis Blackburn feel like a home.

Congratulations to Jeano Dib for winning the Outstanding Dementia Care award and the prestigious CEO award.