Charles and Sheila, married for 43 years and now 93 and 88 years old respectively, have a strong and enduring bond. Their secret to a long and happy marriage is simple: trust and a strong friendship. They’ve always enjoyed each other’s company.  

When they decided to transition from retirement living to aged care after 18 years, they chose Regis Armadale because it offered double rooms. They wanted to maintain their sense of togetherness and familiarity. With a double room and support from the Regis Armadale team, their move was smooth.  

Sharing a room at Regis Armadale allows them to stay close and care for each other. They engage in activities like bingo and weekly word games. Despite their closeness, they appreciate having some independence, like watching their favourite TV shows separately. 

Over the past two and a half years Regis Armadale has become their home and they appreciate the care they receive, which makes them feel safe.  

One significant advantage of sharing a room is the companionship it provides. Whether they want company or solitude, there’s always someone nearby, offering support and a sense of security.