Regis Inala Lodge are committed to immersing our residents with the local community, as well as providing engaging and meaningful activities to keep them active and social. During a monthly residents’ meeting, there was a strong expression of interest in going on a new outing. After some brainstorming, they decided to take a trip to the local Bunnings for a Garden Workshop, which was just a short walk away from the residence. 

When they arrived at the workshop, they were greeted by a friendly team who explained the concept of Kokedama plants. Kokedama is a traditional Japanese technique that involves wrapping a plant’s root ball in moss and soil and tying it up with twine. The residents were excited to try their hand at this new and unique gardening method. With the help of the Bunnings team, they carefully wrapped and tied up their Kokedama plants. 

The workshop was a huge success, and the residents thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They were proud of the plants they had made and couldn’t wait to take them home to show their families. Rose, one of the residents, was especially thrilled with her Kokedama plant and planned to give it to her daughter as a handmade gift. She was happy to be able to give her daughter something special, as her daughter always brings her something whenever she visits. 

Peter, another resident, was excited to give his Kokedama plant as a gift to his grandchildren when they came to visit him. He was proud to show them what he had made and even got a “Well done Grandpa” from them. It was heartwarming to see the residents enjoying themselves and creating memories with their loved ones. 

The Lifestyle Team at Inala Lodge was thrilled with the success of the outing and are already planning the next garden workshop for the residents. The residents are looking forward to attending and learning even more about gardening and plant care. It’s incredible how a simple outing can bring so much joy and happiness to the residents and their families. 


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