Regis North Fremantle resident Chris Thomson will have no shortage of Christmas presents to gift to his family and friends this year.

The talented artist, who takes his inspiration from animals and boats, has painted dozens of paintings using oil on canvas over the past few months which he will gift to loved ones at Christmas time.

And his love for art has even seen him sharing his talents with his carers, several of whom he has coached and taught his painting techniques to.

“My father was a naval architect and designed various boats, particularly fishing boats, so I think in many ways that is one reason why many of my paintings have nautical themes,” says the 68-year-old born and bred West Australian, who grew up in Denmark.

“I find my art incredibly therapeutic and creative, it’s something I’ve enjoyed throughout my life and it’s wonderful to be able to continue to paint here at Regis North Fremantle.

Currently Chris has a number of art works displayed on the walls at the popular aged care home, enabling his artistic talents to be shared with other residents and staff.

Maree Thomter, Regis North Fremantle General Manager, said Mr Thomson was a very talented artist and it was wonderful to see the enjoyment he derived from his hobby.

“Chris’s paintings take hours of painstaking work and they really are fantastic, so much so that we have placed several of them in pride of place at our home so that everyone can enjoy them,” she says.

“Art is a very therapeutic pastime, it’s a form of expressive therapy that can trigger memories of a person’s younger years, while also helping them to feel calm and relaxed and reducing feelings of confusion or stress.

“Here at Regis North Fremantle we will always support our residents to continue to lead fulfilled, rich and engaged lives, and also continue to enjoy the hobbies that they’ve always loved – it’s all part and parcel of supporting them to live happy, fulfilled lives.”

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