Maintaining social connections and relationships is ever more important as we grow older. The fear of separation for many is real and, for couples considering aged care, it’s important to understand that there are options available.

Married couple June and Rupert have now been at Regis Redlynch in Cairns for over 14 months. Our resident couple have adjoining rooms in the Home with relaxing views of the garden. With varying care requirements, our employees understand the unique needs of each resident and ensure they’re also surrounded by the things that make them smile. Rupert loves spending time admiring the beautiful nature outside his window, whilst June enjoys many of the group activities put on at the Home – notably Chair Yoga and Tai Chi.

Being in adjoining rooms means that June and Rupert can continue their companionship in the comfort of their new Home.

At Regis, we’re here to listen to your needs and find options that work for our residents and their loved ones.