As part of Dementia Action Week we’d like to take a moment to spotlight Pavithra Yapa, a dedicated member of the Regis team who has been making a significant impact in the aged care sector for nearly a decade. Pav’s journey with Regis has been marked by a passion for care, a commitment to the elderly and a pursuit of creating dementia-friendly environments that foster connection and engagement.

Pav embarked on her career at Regis in 2014, marking her ninth-year anniversary with the company recently. Her career trajectory within Regis demonstrates her dedication and growth. She began as an Enrolled Nurse at Regis Bulimba in Queensland, progressing to a Registered Nurse upon graduation. Later, she embraced the role of Clinical Manager at Regis The Gap, showcasing her leadership abilities. In 2018 Pav joined the Clinical Care Specialist team, offering support to multiple Homes in the Northern Region. In December 2022 she was appointed as the Clinical Care Specialist Manager – North, a role she thoroughly enjoys.

Pav’s inspiration to work in the aged care sector is deeply rooted in her family’s values and her Sri Lankan heritage. In her family, taking care of the elderly is not just a duty but a cherished cultural tradition. She watched her mother provide exceptional care to her grandparents and this experience ignited her passion for caring for others.

Pav understands that individuals living with dementia have unique needs and desires. She emphasises the importance of recognising that these individuals have rich life experiences and emotions that deserve respect and attention. Her approach centres around recreating a familiar and comforting environment. This includes displaying family photos, playing their favourite music, providing companionship over a cup of tea and welcoming loved ones without restrictions.

Pav’s affection for her team is evident. Comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures and expertise levels, their interactions are marked by engaging discussions and a shared love for food. What makes her team members special is their unwavering support for each other, regardless of their differences. This unity is grounded in their shared purpose: to provide compassionate care. Pav’s role is a source of immense satisfaction, from her busy days to the remarkable team she works alongside.

Working with the elderly brings Pav a deep sense of fulfillment. She views it as an opportunity to give back to her grandparents and treasures the knowledge that her efforts have positively impacted someone’s life.

For those aspiring to pursue a career in aged care, Pav offers heartfelt advice. She emphasises that a career in this sector is not merely a job but a calling. The sense of belonging and the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life are incomparable. If you genuinely care, aged care is the right place for you, with a myriad of opportunities to explore your passion and grow.

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