The highlight of every month has to be the floral arranging competition at Regis Playford. Due to the immense popularity amongst residents for all thing flowers, gardening, and arts and crafts, this activity completely took off and there are no plans on going back. After hosting a competition in September 2021 for their Regis Playford Royal Show Week, allowing residents to showcase their skills for creating floral arrangements, the activity has since grown from there earning its regular spot on the Lifestyle calendar.  

Residents enjoy using their hands to create something beautiful that they are proud of, and equally love seeing their creations on display throughout the Home afterwards. However, floral arranging is not the only thing they enjoy about this activity; everybody loves some healthy competition. Now, the first Tuesday of every month is known to all the Playford residents as the day dedicated to a friendly contest.  

Linda, Jean and Rosemary never miss floral arranging day, highly anticipating the activity because of their love for flowers. However, they each prefer using different types of flowers. Linda has always loved tulips and Jean adores the Dahlia because of “the variety of colours,” whilst Rosemary’s favourite flower is the rose because “they look and smell beautiful and are elegant like a Queen!”  

After the floral affair, the arrangements are placed anywhere the residents deem fit, but they are usually seen around the lounging and dining areas for everyone to enjoy. Other times, they may choose to gift their arrangements to a fellow resident to brighten their day.  

The creations that result from this activity have been so well received amongst Regis Playford that General Manager, Kim Hanh, requested if the residents involved could organise some bunches to place in the nurses’ station as a token of appreciation for all their tremendous work through the recent COVID-19 challenges. 

The fun, social and hands-on activity has become a huge highlight for everyone involved!