At Regis, giving back to the local community brings immense joy to everyone involved, and Regis Embleton has taken on their charitable pursuits with a green twist. As a part of their Sustainability Program, they are recycling cans and stubbies, as well as used batteries and delivering them to the local library. They are also working on some gardening projects that are environmentally friendly, working towards reducing their waste.

During a Resident & Relatives Meeting, one topic for discussion was how to utilise the money from their recycling deposits. The most popular idea was to create food parcels and donate them to people without housing. This is also a personal cause for some residents, who shared their experiences with food being short in their past, now wishing to be able to extended a lending hand to others.

Once it was decided to donate to the Perth Homeless Support Centre, shopping trips to the local supermarkets were made to purchase some longer-lasting items, including pasta, canned goods, muesli bars, and toiletries. Our residents got involved with the shopping and packing the items into boxes. They also presented them in a thoughtful manner, handing them out to workers and volunteers at the support centre.

We thank Regis Embleton for their contributions to their local community.