Our Regis Ontario Home in Victoria recently had a visit from a shiny, old friend – a Low Rider Harley Davidson motorcycle. Thanks to the Maintenance Officer, David, who happened to share the same love for bikes as resident, Bill, this special moment was able to happen.

Bill needed some additional one-on-one support to assist with challenges he faces living with dementia. He was paired with David due to their similar interests and backgrounds. One morning, they had a conversation about their passion for motorcycles and David discovered Bill used to own and ride one. David decided he wanted to surprise Bill and the other residents that were also fans of these classic bikes, and secretly organised to bring his beloved Low Rider Harley Davidson to our Regis Ontario Home for Bill and the other residents to see for themselves.

The sound of the bike sparked a lot of intrigue and interest when David rode it into the back garden. This turned out to be a hit with the residents. Bill and some of the others got to sit on the bike, allowing them to reminisce about their own memories and experiences from their younger years.

Bill reiterated that “The bike was a beauty!”

Since then, David has taken Bill under his wing, getting him involved with outdoor maintenance which has reignited his passion for gardening. The two have formed a great friendship which has flourished beyond the Harley.

Our Homes aim to enhance the day-to-day well-being of our residents, keep them connected with their favourite things and loved ones, and help embrace their interests.