A home is more than just a place where one resides, but a space to feel safe, accepted, and comfortable. These values are what Regis strives to emulate in each of its Homes and for each of its residents.

George Chamaoun is one of many beloved residents at Regis Belmore. Born in Egypt, George spent his youth living between Egypt and Syria before settling in Australia in 1970. To George, home “means having the freedom to move around and organise myself. To invite over and spend time with whoever I want.”

Connecting with Belmore’s large Greek population has been seamless for George, who “worked with many people with Greek backgrounds in Egypt. We grew up together.” There is a nostalgic sense of George’s old home here at his new one.

George loves residing at Regis Belmore, where he has developed friendships and appreciates the “very professional management that keeps us safe. Additionally, I appreciate the treatment of the residents by employees. They are very kind and helpful.”

When asked how Regis Belmore shapes up compared to his past homes, George smilingly says that “the home I’m in now is not the same as my home, but it’s just as good!”