Each resident has different needs and requirements, although the one commonality is to desire to feel comfortable and relaxed. At Regis, we strive to create a warm and safe space for our residents to call home.

Richard has been with us at Regis Bulimba for over three years. Richard’s wife, Margaret, also resides in the Home, and both are happy and satisfied with their new surroundings. To Richard, home is “a place you are comfortable in and are happy with the people who take care of you.”

One of Richard’s many hobbies is tending to his garden every day, where he grows garlic, thyme, rosemary, and many types of veggies. “I started gardening when I was 22-years-old. I like it, it’s therapy and my hobby. Orchids are my favourite flower.”

Part of what makes a place feel like a home are the small details and especially the ability to continue doing the things that you love. At Regis, Richard doesn’t need to give up his love of gardening but can continue enjoying his favourite hobby by heading outside to bask in the calmness of nature.