Flowers are one of nature’s beauties that are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but also bring sweet aromas that many adore. International Flower Day is on the 19th of January every year, providing a day to connect and bond with people through a shared love for flowers.  

All things flowers, plants, and gardening bring an abundance of joy to many residents at Regis Brighton. In particular, Dee and Meredith are extreme green thumbs and love getting their hands dirty when it comes to beautifying any landscape.  

With the seasonal plants in Bay Wing needing a change, the Lifestyle Team decided to take on the project, with Dee and Meredith volunteering to help across every stage; pulling out the weeds, removing dead plants from pots and clearing up the garden. On International Flower Day, Gaurav, Lifestyle Coordinator at Regis Brighton, asked them both to join him on his trip to Bunnings to help select the fresh flowers and plants for their Home. Later that afternoon, they planted the vibrant florals in Bay Wing. 

Dee “thoroughly enjoyed this project,” and Meredith expressed she loved it so much she “would love to be involved in more like this!”  

“I always loved gardening, I always had gardens, it’s vital to my mental health… being outside, being creative and nurturing the environment allows you to nurture your inner self because you can see the value in what you do,” Meredith shared on her passion for gardening.  

Thanks to Dee and Meredith’s help and expertise, Bay Wing looks more colourful and lively than ever! 

Aged care in Brighton

Aged care in Brighton

Aged care in Brighton