Regis’ Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Dr Linda Mellors has spent her distinguished career in health and aged care breaking down stereotypes and challenging bias.

“I was a CEO with a PhD and three children at age 35,” Linda explained.

“That challenged many people. But I also had incredible support from my family, my workplace, and my peers.”

Linda is one of four daughters and credits her parents for instilling in her a strong belief in the importance of girls’ education.

“I’ve had many inspirational people, mentors and supporters in my life,” Linda said.

“The closest to me are my parents, who always fostered my learning, independence and curiosity.”

Linda is a vocal supporter of International Women’s Day (IWD) and acknowledges we must continue to highlight and address the issues of inequity and injustice women face.

“Women’s traditional work has been undervalued throughout history,” Linda stated.

“This is true in the caring professions, and we continue to advocate for better recognition of these critical caring roles.”

Linda is extremely proud of Regis’ gender-balanced Board and Executive teams, which she credits with being appropriate reflections of our society and proven to lead to better business outcomes.

Linda acknowledges the past few years have been extremely challenging for everyone and is grateful for the backing she has received in her role.

“The Regis Board has been incredibly supportive. It has been an unusual time since my appointment with the Royal Commission, a global pandemic, a multitude of sector changes and now extreme weather events,” Linda said.

“The Board has been supportive and given me space to lead Regis through these challenges. I’m confident we will be a stronger company as a result.”

Regis is a proud supporter of IWD and is committed to supporting the amazing women who work in our organisation.