Jack and Gwen, residents of Regis Maroochydore since April 2023, have been married for an impressive 69 years, with their 70th anniversary approaching this April. They met as teenagers at a dance and tied the knot in their 20s.

At Regis they actively participate in various activities like concerts, word games and bingo. Gardening has always been a shared passion for them and even at Regis Maroochydore, Jack continues to nurture his orchids with support from the employees.

Their rooms are conveniently located next to each other and they receive all the care they need from the attentive carers. They enjoy meals in the dining room surrounded by a group of friends they’ve made at Regis.

Gwen, who turns 90 in May, hails from Toowoomba and grew up on a farm, while Jack celebrated his 97th birthday in December. They have a daughter Jan who lives on the Sunshine Coast and a son, Russell, who resides in London, along with five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

In their younger years, Gwen worked as a shop assistant before becoming a skilled florist, winning competitions at the Toowoomba Show and The Carnival of Flowers. Meanwhile, Jack started as an electrician apprentice and later pursued a career as an inspector for the Brisbane City Council before becoming a qualified engineer after further studies.

Gwen used to paint landscapes and has her artwork displayed in her room at Regis Maroochydore, while Jack enjoyed playing sports like football, tennis and cricket.

Reflecting on their 70 years together, Jack and Gwen cherish memories of meeting at a local dance and traveling overseas to visit family in the UK and enjoy holidays in Europe and the USA.

Their advice to younger couples is simple: be forgiving, understanding and always listen to each other, with Jack humourously adding to “listen to the boss (Gwen!).”

Living at Regis Maroochydore has brought them happiness, with friendly employees who provide excellent care. As they approach their milestone anniversary, Jack and Gwen appreciate a lifetime filled with love, laughter and shared experiences, highlighting their enduring commitment to each other.

Jack and Gwen Buderim parkroo