We are delighted to announce that Regis Gatton has recently been honoured with Regis’ prestigious 2023 Kindest Home Award.

The Kindest Home Award recognises the commitment to creating a warm and supportive environment for our residents, employees, families and visitors, ensuring the wellbeing and happiness of all.

This recognition highlights the dedication, compassion and exceptional care provided by the Regis Gatton team. The team members’ outstanding display of kindness, empathy and professionalism contributed to them being honoured with this award.

General Manager at Regis Gatton Shenaz Bibi said acts of kindness are everyday occurrences and nothing different from what happens every moment for every person.

“Small acts of kindness like helping each other, smiling or simply talking to someone when they are in need are simple, yet sincere gestures,” Shenaz said. “Such gentle, selfless acts of kindness can solve so many problems at a time.”

Holding hands is part of life at Regis Gatton. Shenaz said holding hands creates a sense of grounding and reassurance that we belong in this human-to-human habitat.

“Holding hands regularly strengthens our bonds and connection with others and encourages the development of those essential feelings,” she said. “While each of us is unique, the value in our hands epitomises kindness through touch.”

The value of hand holding at Regis Gatton developed into the Hands Project which included photographing the hands of individuals within the Home and sharing their personal stories.

“The project beautifully illustrates how a person’s unique hands tells the story of their life,”
Shenaz said.

Photographs of hands and their accompanying stories are framed and proudly displayed within the Home.

It’s the culture of kindness at Regis Gatton that has made residents like Reg Crust (pictured holding the certificate) feel completely at home at the residence, while his wife, Heather remains in the family home for now.

“We have been truly blessed to be able to create two environments that make us both feel happy,” Reg said. “We are both surrounded by caring people in both homes.”

“The environment here at Regis Gatton has truly blessed both of us. The team are so kind and loving. They greet Heather like a family member.”

Reg said he and Heather feel very comfortable knowing that in time, Heather will be joining him at Regis Gatton.

“She is already familiar with this wonderful, kind Home and knows the caring staff are here for her. That in itself is a blessing for me as her husband.”