As we observe National Volunteer Week, we are thrilled to share the inspiring journey of Komal Sandhu, who transitioned from a volunteer to a pivotal member of our Regis family. Currently, Komal serves as a Regional Lifestyle and Housekeeping Specialist in Victoria, demonstrating a profound commitment to enhancing the lives of our residents.

Volunteer Beginnings

Komal’s venture into volunteering commenced in January 2016 at Regis Armadale, where she began by assisting with activities and engaging with residents. This initial step marked the beginning of a transformative journey within our community. Her dedication quickly translated into a permanent role by May 2016 when she embraced the position of Personal Care Assistant at the same Home.

Diverse Roles and Professional Growth

Over the years, Komal has flourished in several capacities—starting from a Lifestyle Assistant to a Lifestyle Coordinator, and now excelling as a Regional Lifestyle and Housekeeping Specialist across seven Homes in Victoria. This progression not only highlights her versatility but also her deep-seated passion for her role and the people she serves.

From Passion to Profession

The decision to shift from volunteering to a full-time role stemmed from her gratifying experiences and the impactful relationships forged during her volunteer days. Komal’s background in nursing and midwifery further equipped her with a unique perspective, which she adeptly integrated into her lifestyle and care approach, enriching the lives of residents through both emotional and social support.

Inspiration and Dedication

When asked about her inspiration to volunteer, Komal credits her mentor, Christopher Grady, whose teachings on service and compassion deeply resonated with her. Her continuous drive to contribute positively to the community and improve the lives of the elderly has been a constant throughout her career.

A Proud Regis Team Member

Today, Komal is not only a testament to personal and professional growth but also a symbol of Regis’ dedication to nurturing a supportive and inclusive workplace. Her journey from a volunteer to a key employee underscores the organisation’s commitment to recognising and developing potential within its community.

Komal’s story is a brilliant example of how volunteering can serve as a robust foundation for a rewarding career in aged care. Her ongoing passion for the sector and commitment to our residents remains as strong as ever, proving that at Regis, care is not just a duty but a heartfelt commitment to our community.

As we celebrate National Volunteer Week, we recognise and applaud Komal Sandhu for her extraordinary contributions and the positive impact she continues to have at Regis. Her journey is a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating how volunteering can transform both individual lives and the wider community.