Meet Ashley, a passionate and dedicated employee of Regis Hornsby who joined the community in July 2021. Since then, Ashley has taken on different roles, starting as an Office Manager before being promoted to CSM in September 2021.

What drew Ashley to work in the aged care sector was her desire to make a positive impact in her community, give back in a meaningful way, and be part of something she could be proud of. She believes that working in aged care allows her to achieve all these things and more.

A typical day in Ashley’s role involves running tours of the Home, engaging various stakeholders, and ensuring that the place is always looking its best. But most importantly, it’s about connecting with the residents and providing a platform for them to enjoy their life in a safe and comfortable manner.

Ashley’s role involves connecting with residents and providing meaningful engagement that incorporates Regis’ values of Optimism, Passion, Integrity, and Respect. She is committed to ensuring that the residents’ needs and queries are met, and she aims to instill person-centered care in everything she does.

What Ashley loves the most about her role is the way she is supported and valued by her peers and General Manager. The team at Regis Hornsby works together to achieve a common goal – to navigate a positive care experience for their residents.

Working with the elderly has many positives, and for Ashley, it’s all about connecting with older people who have lived incredible lives and sharing their past adventures. She loves hearing about the incredible things the residents have done throughout their lives.

Ashley’s advice for those who want a career in aged care is to find something that gives them purpose and direction. Working in aged care has given Ashley a sense of purpose and direction, and she is proud to say that she works at Regis Hornsby.

Ashley’s dedication and passion for aged care are evident in everything she does. Her commitment to providing person-centered care, connecting with residents, and making a positive impact in her community is an inspiration to us all.