“I am continually humbled at the kindness, resilience, warmth and generosity of spirit that I witness every day in aged care from both residents and employees.”

Meet Amanda Colton, Lifestyle Coordinator at Regis Sippy Downs in Queensland. Having worked at Regis for three years, Amanda is fluent in her dynamic role and is an employee who embodies the Regis Values.

Amanda was originally attracted to the aged care sector because of her desire to give back to those who have built this country. “Over the span of their lifetimes, they have contributed enormously to the fabric of our society. They’ve grown, taught, participated, built, worked, cared for, nurtured, and given back in so many ways. When considering a career, I thought what could be more rewarding than being able to go to work and have the possibility of making a difference to someone’s life by improving their quality of life, helping them enjoy their days and spread some happiness.”

When asked about what a typical day looks like, Amanda expressed that no day is alike and that it is full of variety. She shares that it incorporates, amongst many other things, attending frontline meetings, chatting with families and loved ones of residents, and developing and implementing a lifestyle curriculum for the residents; this includes all aspects of life in a communal Home such as various types of activities involving daily living, work, leisure and recreation.

“On a personal level, I love the interaction with our residents. No day is the same and I am constantly learning about the interesting lives people have led,” says Amanda.

When discussing her team at Regis Sippy Downs, Amanda mentions that it’s a group of people who are likeminded in the care of people; who rely on one another, who learn from each other, who utilise the strengths of each team member to increase creativity and enjoyment of any given project.

“Regis Aged Care is supportive of its employees and, most importantly, has processes in place which ensures an unsurpassed level of care for the residents. Regis is inclusive and encourages all of its employees to aspire to further education whilst maintaining an environment which fosters empowerment, sense of belonging, respect and dignity for all of those people who are entrusted to our care.”

If you’re considering a career in aged care, Amanda says you must be caring and compassionate. Strong communication skills are essential to help you make connections with those in your care. “If you have and utilise these skills you will have a most rewarding career. A career which can lead you into a variety of roles, with no role being more important than the other,” says Amanda.