In honour of Aged Care Employee Day, we are celebrating the workers who care for all our wonderful residents and clients at Regis. We thank them for their hard work, care and dedication, as they make a positive difference to the lives of all the older people they cross paths with every day.  

Joining Regis 1 July 2019, Astrid has become an invaluable member of our team, bringing compassion and dedication to her role as a caregiver.

Starting as a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) at Regis Blackburn in Melbourne, Astrid completed her placement as part of her Aged Care course before transitioning to Eastern Metro Home Care in September 2019.

Her journey in aged care began with a simple desire to help others and has since blossomed into a rewarding career.

“I’ve worked with the elderly as a mobile hairdresser and over time I could see how some clients were struggling with everyday tasks,” Astrid said.

Motivated by genuine empathy for their struggles, she felt compelled to make a positive impact by providing assistance and support, drawing her into the aged care sector.

A typical day in Astrid’s role starts at 8 am, as she visits clients in their homes, offering personal care, domestic assistance, and accompanying them to medical appointments.

She also provides social support, whether it’s visiting clients or taking them on outings. Astrid’s dedication to ensuring the physical and emotional wellbeing of her clients is evident in her attentive and compassionate approach to caregiving.

While Astrid likes the variety of shifts and being on the road, what truly makes her feel at home is the supportive environment created by her colleagues and the office team at Regis.

“We have a wonderful team of carers and team members who are very supportive. I often drop in if I have a concern, a question, or just for a chat. I feel at home as a Regis employee.”

Working closely with the elderly and hearing about their worlds of life experience has given Astrid a unique perspective on life.

“I love to listen to their stories and ask questions which they are happy to answer,” Astrid said. “I learn from them every day.”

Astrid has some valuable advice for those considering a career in aged care.

“Caring for the aged is a very rewarding job,” she said. “Clients show appreciation for what you do for them. Knowing that you have made a difference to the client’s day is most satisfying.”

Astrid’s commitment to making a positive difference, one day at a time, embodies the spirit of our dedicated caregivers who strive to create meaningful connections and enhance the lives of those in their care.

At Regis, we are proud to have exceptional individuals like Astrid who embody our values and make a positive impact on the lives of our clients. We applaud their unwavering dedication and their commitment to providing compassionate care in the aged care sector.