Meet Bindhu Joseph-Iype, finalist in the Clinical Care Excellence award in the National Regis Care Awards. Bindhu has been part of the Regis community since 2018 and has worked as a Registered Nurse, as a trainer, and now as a Clinical Care Manager at Regis Port Stephens.

With 25 years of clinical experience, Bindhu Joseph-Iype’s skills and expertise are highly valued at Regis Port Stephens. Bindhu leads by example, holding herself to high professional standards of care and continually striving for greater knowledge of the aged care industry.

Bindhu is calm in situations where her team needs to work through something difficult. She is often heard saying “Now let’s focus on what we need to do”, taking it one step at a time and always finding the best result. Families appreciate Bindhu’s ability to answer all questions and promptly find solutions to issues.

Bindhu always ensures that care is delivered in accordance with the philosophies, policies and procedures of Regis. She delivers direct and comprehensive care to residents and their families, applying her wealth of knowledge and experience to all aspects of care. Bindhu makes those around her better carers and always motivates them to improve their skill sets and follow best practice guidelines.

Bindhu is vital to the care of residents at Regis Port Stephens and is respected by all. Her passion for clinical care is reflected in the everyday interactions she has with residents, employees and families, who never fail to notice her boundless devotion.

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