Gunter Wahl is an integral member of the community at Regis Dandenong North. He is 82 years old and has been a resident since December 2019. As the unofficial gardener of the Home, Gunter takes pride in ensuring all the gardens are in pristine condition and are a pleasant environment for his fellow aged care residents. Gunter enjoys the independence of working in the garden on most afternoons when the weather permits it. The resident green thumb is also a part of a gardening group at Regis Dandenong North and has input in what variety of plant life is present in the grounds. 

Gunter waters the garden and all the plants daily to ensure they, and his beloved lemon, olive and grapefruit trees, are thriving. Gunter takes on the responsibility of planting new additions to the gardens and loves planting fresh flowers in the garden beds to beautify them and bring more colour to the Home of the wonderful residents. Gunter shared that he doesn’t have a favourite plant, however he takes great satisfaction in seeing what he’s planted grow and flourish into something beautiful. Gunter takes immense pride in his work and guarantees the residents at Regis Dandenong North have something vibrant to look at when walking through the courtyard.  

Aside from gardening, Gunter relishes completing word searches, running the bingo group and thrives when playing dominoes with his friends in the Home. He expressed that he loves socialising and being involved with group activities and is always eager to volunteer a helping hand; “if everyone is happy, I am happy.” Gunter is currently in the process of planting new Pansie flowers in the garden bed, and all the team and residents at Regis Dandenong North can’t wait to see what’s next.