Meet Kristal, a passionate Lifestyle Assistant at Regis Port Coogee who has been an integral part of the team since March 2022. Motivated to make a real impact on the lives of the elderly, she wanted to work within the sector to support and advocate for our older generations. 

“I wanted to help be a part of the change,” Kristal said. “Gaining employment with Regis has cemented my career objectives and being in the Memory Support Unit gives me a sense of purpose and a passion to do everything I can to support our residents living with dementia,” she said. 

Working with people living with dementia is Kristal’s passion as she finds it incredibly fulfilling finding new ways to engage with residents and for residents to engage with the local community.  

“Our residents and I love going for a morning walk along the marina, interacting with people in the community, discussing which boat we would buy, fish spotting and enjoying the sunshine.  

“Scenic bus outings are also a favourite for many of our residents, enjoying the coast of Cottesloe, heading down to Rockingham, reminiscing and enjoying an ice cream,” Kristal said.  

“There are also regular visits from musicians that come to the Memory Support Unit, encouraging residents to join in on more lifestyle activities.” 

Working with the Memory Support Unit requires adjusting the environment to the needs of residents, and maintaining a tidy space is particularly important. Additionally, creating a space that invites activity is essential for residents to have the freedom to get engaged with their interests. This includes setting up the reading table with the daily newspaper and magazines of interest, getting the arts and crafts station set up with colouring and painting options as well as the jigsaw puzzle and sensory station set up.  

“I set up the stations to accommodate to our residents’ interests, as well as their abilities, to encourage them to independently participate and feel able to accomplish,” Kristal said. 

When asked what Kristal enjoys most about her role at Regis Port Coogee she said: “I love working in the Memory Support Unit because the team is incredible; we all support each other, it’s a very positive environment.” 

On top of having a supportive team around her, working with the elderly is her main drive for working within the aged care sector. 

“No day is the same in the Memory Support Unit, but having positive relationships with the residents makes it all the more rewarding and knowing them well means I’m confident I can support their changing needs,” Kristal said. 

For anyone considering a career in aged care, Kristal has the following advice: 

“Aged care is a rewarding career. We support, laugh and joke with our residents daily. You just need to love what you do.”