Lin Yau is the Funding and Documentation Coordinator at Regis Inala Lodge. Lin has been with Regis Aged Care for twenty-nine years, effectively making her one of the longest-serving employees in our Regis family.

She joined Regis in 1992 and started as an enrolled nurse on the floor. Throughout the years she has taken on multiple roles, from documentation to an endorsed nurse and wound nurse, and finally in her present role as an Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) Funding and Documentation Co-ordinator.

When asked what was it that attracted her to work in the aged care sector, she replied, “I like to provide care and communicate with our residents. I am happy to bridge the communication gap by translating to the Chinese residents and their families. It is so rewarding when you see the residents settle down and feel happy at the Home.”

Lin typically starts her day at Regis Inala Lodge by walking around the residence and greeting the residents. When it comes to mealtimes, she assists the residents while they have their breakfast and lunch. The rest of the day involves completing documentation, reviewing charts to ensure the items are ticked off, and assisting the clinical nurse with any clinical needs.

Lin values the teamwork shown at Regis, where there is a high level of cooperation among team members. She is grateful that everyone is supportive and treats each other with respect. She also shared that Regis has provided her with learning opportunities and opportunities to progress to different levels.

For those who want to start a career in aged care, she advised that you must be passionate about the job, especially when dealing with the elderly. “Do not just work for the wages, it is also about helping the elderly” explained Lin. She added, “when you work with the elderly, everyone is different and each of them has a story to share, and you can really learn from them.”

She emphasised the greatest motivation for her working at Regis is having a good company, good team, and a good management team, who are understanding and willing to listen to you.

Together, Lin and her teammates at Regis Inala Lodge focus on bringing smiles to the residents’ faces, making a positive difference every day in the residents’ lives, and ensuring they receive well-deserved care.

Outside of work, Lin enjoys the simple things that bring joy to life, such as spending time to entertain her grandson and watching television. She also makes an effort to visit her elderly mother and catch up with her sisters.

When asked what home means to her, she explained, “It is about respecting each other and having good harmony and communications in the home.”