Meet Marcille, the Clinical Team Leader at Regis Woodlands, who has found her passion for the aged care sector. Beginning her journey with Regis at the start of 2022, she joined the team as a Registered Nurse, transitioning to a Senior Registered Nurse before being promoted to her current position.  

Working within the aged care sector was something Marcille chose to do because she wanted to “get to know each resident’s unique qualities and develop a great working relationship built on trust and respect.”  

Marcille’s day is filled with an array of tasks keeping her on her toes, but that’s exactly how she prefers it to be. Her day usually begins with meeting her team as well as management and doing her rounds in her assigned wings. She “coordinates all care and clinical tasks to ensure they’re completed, addresses any concerns, and liaises with all stakeholders, including family members.” 

What makes work more enjoyable For Marcille is having a fantastic team at Regis Woodlands. “The team is supportive, enthusiastic and a great bunch of people to work with,” she says. 

She finds working with the elderly makes her “feel good, happy and useful in making a difference to their lives,” Marcille shares. 

To anyone contemplating a career in aged care, Marcille gives the following advice: “It is challenging, but it is also greatly fulfilling and rewarding once you get the hang of it.” 

“I feel as though it is my calling to work in aged care. I can’t imagine myself being happy doing anything else. The residents make me feel appreciated and my co-workers are incredible,” Marcille shares. 

We’re proud to have wonderful employees like Marcille here at Regis and thank her for all her hard work in creating the best environment possible for our employees and residents.