Meet Mark, the Maintenance Officer at Regis Blackburn since 2015. Mark’s passion for working with the elderly comes from his deep respect for their life experience and the opportunity to learn from them.   

He enjoys working with older Australians and “more broadly being a part of the community within the home.” Mark says his parents lived in an aged care home, which is what had “drawn him into the idea of working in a residence to add value to people’s lives.” Now after 8 years at Regis Blackburn, Mark is proud to contribute to bettering the environment residents call home.  

His role keeps him busy because no one day is the same; “whatever they throw at me, I’ll take it on,” Mark shares. Variety in work is something Mark values highly, and working as a Maintenance Officer is perfectly suited to him for this very reason. “We cover everything from compliance and essential safety, through to repairs and painting. We book and manage the building and grounds contracts on site and conduct preventative audits,” Mark says. Along with the variety, Mark also appreciates being challenged because he “loves problem-solving and achieving the best possible outcomes to support the team and residents.” 

“Aged care has so much that goes on behind the scenes to ensure the clinical and care teams can do their work well,” Mark says. For those considering working in the aged care sector, Mark shares the following insights: “It’s a great space to utilise life skills and share your wisdom in life, with the most rewarding outcomes.” 

We’re proud to have wonderful employees like Mark here at Regis and thank him for all his hard work in creating the best environment possible for our residents.