Meet Pad, a resident of Regis East Malvern who has lived an extraordinary life and has a strong passion for poetry. At ninety years old, Manikku Wadu Padmasi de Silva has accomplished more than most people can even dream of. From being an academic with a PhD from the University of Hawaii to becoming an author of more than eight books, Pad has done it all. 

Pad developed a love for poetry at a young age, joining the ‘Socratic Club’ while in high school. His love for writing continued throughout his academic journey, with his writings being published, strengthening his academic standing. This led to a number of invitations to conferences, international travel, and even research projects assisted by the United Nations. 

Although his time studying sparked his love for poetry, Pad mainly attributes it to always being “a kind of rebel with logic.” The study of existentialism by Soren Kierkegaard and Jean-Paul Sartre has been two of Pad’s literary inspirations. With his first book, “Tangles and Webs,” written forty years ago, Pad has continued to write and has now blended his love for mindfulness-based and emotion-focused counseling with poetry in his latest book. 

But Pad’s proudest moments throughout his life are not just his accomplishments but the time spent working with his family. Pad worked alongside his three sons, Maneesh, Adeesh, and Chandeesh. He was also the Head of Philosophy in Sri Lanka for nine years, a role that he held with pride. 

As Pad continues to inspire us with his passion for poetry and mindfulness-based counseling, he reminds us that no matter how old we get, we can always continue to learn, grow, and create. Pad has lived a life that has touched many and is a true testament to the power of pursuing one’s passions.