When Regis’ Western Australia Relationship Specialist Priscilla Almeida started as a Club Services Manager in 2022, it was her first exposure to the aged care sector.

“I was looking for a change in my career and to work in a new industry,” Priscilla said. ”I got this opportunity that also came with a real sense of fulfillment which is such a bonus.”

One of the key aspects of Priscilla’s current role is ensuring that families are involved in the care process of their loved ones.

“Involving families is essential for providing holistic and personalised care,” Priscilla said.

“It is also important to recognise and accommodate their diverse needs and to consider factors such as work schedules, geography and cultural backgrounds.”

Collaboration, innovation and integrity are the values and principles that guide Priscilla’s work at Regis. Whether that’s promoting teamwork, encouraging creativity or being open and transparent, Priscilla ensures these values are at the centre of everything she does.

One of the most satisfying parts of her role is being surrounded by older people with rich life experience and wisdom.

“Working with older people has grown my compassion and empathy. I get to know their history and challenges and the path that brought them to where they are now. It is an emotionally fulfilling occupation.”

Speaking of the career opportunities at Regis Priscilla said: “Career development opportunities are always open if you are willing to move forward. High performance does not go unnoticed.”