Meet Rebecca, who started her journey with Regis as a student in 2015. Beginning as a Personal Care Assistant, Rebecca worked her way through multiple positions, including roles within the Lifestyle and Housekeeping teams, before transitioning into management positions. Her broad experience throughout multiple departments led to her career progression to becoming the General Manager of Regis Sandringham in March this year. 

Rebecca’s introduction into the sector all started because she was “seeking something different” to what she was used to. Having predominately worked in an environmental laboratory as an admin assistant and working part time in a family business after her third child,” Rebecca decided to look for full time work and choose an aged care course at Care Training Institute. Her career with Regis then began as she completed her placement at Regis Cranbourne.  

Now working as the General Manager of Regis Sandringham, Rebecca feels lucky to “have some amazing people around me, who make up this fantastic team.” The team plays a huge role in making Rebecca’s work all the more enjoyable and rewarding, as everyone is “impressive to be around and learn from on a daily basis.”  

“They are dedicated and experienced, who only ever have your best interests at heart,” shares Rebecca. 

Rebecca has found working with the elderly extremely rewarding because “you learn something new every day, listening to stories and what some have been through or experiences they have had, which is truly remarkable.”  

“I absolutely love coming to work each day… just to be able to put a smile on residents’ faces is an amazing feeling,” says Rebecca. 

She also expresses that she likes that her work supports families when their loved one is transitioning into aged care, which “is not easy and being able to assist in alleviating some of the concerns they may have is a very rewarding part of my job.” 

For anyone considering a career in the sector, Rebecca strongly believes “you will love it!”  

“I had no idea what aged care was like when I decided to do a course in my spare time. I am thrilled that I have chosen this as my career. The satisfaction of knowing what you can do for someone, that you are genuinely making a difference and the support around you is amazing at Regis, which truly makes it a wonderful place to work.” 

When Rebecca isn’t at work, she loves spending her time with her family. She enjoys watching her son’s football games as well as spending quality time with her daughter. Rebecca has also recently become a grandmother, so she adores time with her granddaughter who is only a few weeks old. 

Home to Rebecca means having a “place where you belong, are comfortable, secure and safe.”