Rohit is a talented and committed member of the Regis Port Coogee team, who joined Regis in November 2023 as a Chef Manager. He has been working in this role ever since and has excelled in it. 

When asked about his attraction towards the aged care sector, Rohit expressed, “it provides a good work-life balance,” which is essential for him. He finds satisfaction in supporting the elderly and being part of a great team at Regis. 

Rohit’s workday varies as he has to face different challenges every day. He shares he “thrives on the unpredictability of the role and enjoys being constantly challenged.” He loves working with the elderly and feels fulfilled when he meets their needs. 

Rohit finds it rewarding to work with the elderly and make a difference in their lives. He encourages those who want to pursue a career in aged care to do so without hesitation. He believes that “it is a good industry to flourish in, and there are many opportunities available for those who are passionate.” 

Rohit is a talented and committed Chef Manager who is passionate about his work in aged care. He is an excellent example of how fulfilling a career in this industry can be. Rohit encourages anyone interested in aged care to pursue their passion and explore the many opportunities available. With his dedication and hard work, Rohit will undoubtedly continue to make a positive impact on the lives of those in the Regis Port Coogee community.