Meet Sonja, an Enrolled Nurse at Regis Birkdale. Sonja has been with Regis since 2014, bringing 30 years of experience in the aged care industry.
Sonja’s passion for aged care and understanding of the industry bring valuable insights into working with the elderly. A typical day involves a mix of responsibilities that range from administering medication to being a caregiver, counsellor, and leader.
To Sonja, listening to stories from residents and gaining their precious life advice is what makes the job so special and unique. She says, “it’s an honour for me to hear their life histories, work through challenges, and make a difference.”
“I love Regis Birkdale because it’s small, intimate, and family like”, says Sonja.
When asked what advice she would pass on to those considering a career in aged care, Sonja says, “if you think you would like to do it, then do it! If you think you have a passion for aged care, try it. Don’t make decisions about aged care based on the perceptions of others.”
Outside of work, Sonja enjoys spending time with her family, getting involved in her daughter’s netball team, participating in water aerobics, and reading.
We’re grateful to have dedicated individuals like Sonja who are passionate about aged care and making a difference in the lives of the elderly. Their work is essential and vital to our community.