Meet the Lifestyle Team at Regis Nedlands, finalists for the Environmental Leadership award for the 2022 National Regis Care Awards. 

The Nedlands Lifestyle Team are leaders in crafting fun, creative and exciting activities for their residents each day. They’ve also successfully put together an initiative which must be lauded for keeping residents engaged, bringing them joy each day, and seeing real benefits for the environment at the same time; Introducing the Regis Nedlands ‘Herb Garden’. 

The team has turned a section of the Home’s Level 4 terrace into a herb garden for residents to use. Regis Nedlands residents adore this initiative as it gives them a sense of agency and another reason to venture throughout the Home. Additionally, it provides a quick, easy and fresh way to source herbs to add to their meals.  

Initiatives such as one the Nedlands Lifestyle Team have put together are what Regis is all about. Making room for greenery doesn’t need to be intrusive or cost prohibiting, but can be simple, fun and easy to maintain. 

We’re proud to have wonderful employees here at Regis and thank the entire team for all their hard work in creating innovative and sustainable initiatives that enhance our residents’ experience. 

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