Our residents at Regis Port Macquarie in NSW had a wonderful day during a delightful outing into the local community! The weather couldn’t have been more perfect as our Ladies Group gathered for their monthly lunch, taking full advantage of the sunshine and the beautiful surroundings.

The highlight of the day was indulging in the classic and beloved dish of traditional fish and chips. Our residents savoured every bite, enjoying the authentic experience of eating it directly from the paper wrapping with their fingers. It truly was a nostalgic and enjoyable culinary experience for everyone involved.

At Regis, we believe in fostering social connections and creating a sense of community. During our ladies’ lunches, we purposefully seat residents from different wings together to encourage social mingling and the formation of new friendships. It was heartwarming to witness the lively conversations and genuine joy shared among our residents as they connected with each other.

But the interactions didn’t stop there! Our residents had the pleasure of sharing the park with a social group from the community. They showcased their fishing skills, inviting our residents to join them on the wharf. The group’s friendly dogs also made an appearance, bringing smiles and excitement as they interacted with our residents.

Under the warm sun, our residents enjoyed leisurely walks along the picturesque paths, reminiscing about the area and exchanging fishing stories. McInerney Park, located just a short drive from Regis, provided the perfect setting for our outing. With its spacious covered area, accessible amenities, and stunning views of the Hastings River, it was an ideal location for our gathering.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from all who attended speaks volumes. Jeannie shared, “It was a truly delightful outing. The food, the company, and the setting were all fantastic. Thank you to the Regis team for organizing such a memorable day!”

At Regis Port Macquarie, we are dedicated to creating meaningful experiences and fostering a vibrant community for our residents.