Among the participants of our recent Puffing Billy excursion was Tian, a beloved resident at Regis Inala Lodge, who was born in Shanghai, China and moved to Australia around eight years ago.

Two years ago, he had the pleasure of visiting Puffing Billy with his daughter. Reflecting on the recent trip, Tian expressed his sheer amazement at seeing residents from other Homes come together, emphasising that there are no barriers to enjoying life’s simple pleasures, regardless of age.

As the train chugged along the scenic route, Tian enjoyed the heartwarming sight of people waving to him and his fellow residents, creating a sense of connection and community. The breathtaking views of this beautiful part of Melbourne added to the enchantment of the journey, leaving lasting impressions on everyone aboard.

At Regis, we believe in creating meaningful experiences and fostering a sense of belonging for our residents. The Puffing Billy excursion exemplifies our commitment to enriching lives and providing opportunities for connection, adventure, and pure enjoyment.