Rameez, a seasoned professional in the aged care sector has dedicated 16 years of his life to a remarkable journey marked by personal growth, enduring challenges and unforgettable moments. His commitment to improving the lives of older individuals has earned him recognition and respect within the industry.

Rameez embarked on his career with Regis in 2008, initially joining as an Enrolled Nurse on a casual basis at Regis The Gap in Brisbane. While working in this role he simultaneously pursued his career in becoming a Registered Nurse (RN). His dedication and passion for quality care quickly became evident.

Upon successfully completing his studies Rameez consistently demonstrated his competence and dedication. Rameez’s responsibilities grew over time ultimately leading to a pivotal moment in his career when he assumed the role of Clinical Care Manager.

Rameez said his journey into leadership within aged care was significantly influenced by his association with Regis.

“Regis served as an invaluable ally in propelling my career to new heights, especially as a young leader,” Rameez said. “Regis played a pivotal role in shaping my leadership trajectory. They offered unique opportunities and insights that were instrumental in my professional growth.”

Rameez constantly challenged himself, asking: “How can I make a difference and influence change to ensure quality and safe care for our residents?”

Regis provided the ideal environment for professional development and innovation. The Company’s immersive leadership development programs and secondment opportunities allowed Rameez to gain hands-on experience and tackle real-world challenges.

Regis’ commitment to diversity and inclusion also became a cornerstone of Rameez’s leadership philosophy.

“Experiencing firsthand Regis’ inclusive workplace culture where diverse perspectives were not just welcomed but celebrated, broadened my understanding of effective leadership.’’

“This exposure equipped me with the skills to lead with empathy, fostering a culture of creativity and excellence within my teams,” he said.

Rameez’s career at Regis continued to progress through various leadership roles, including Clinical Care Specialist and Clinical Care Specialist Team Manager for the northern and southern regions. In these capacities he had the privilege of collaborating with various internal and external stakeholders and played a crucial role in significant projects.

Rameez now holds the distinguished position of Group Manager of Strategy, Quality and Improvement at Regis. In this role he contributes significantly to Regis’ strategic vision and the future of aged care. As he celebrates his 15-year milestone with Regis, Rameez looks forward to continuing to play a vital role in Regis’ success alongside an incredible team that makes it all possible.

Regis has not only equipped Rameez with the skills necessary for effective leadership but has also shaped the values that define his leadership style today. He is a passionate leader committed to making a difference and contributing to a change that will continue to make aged care a better place for older people.