“I love the interaction with the residents and their families. I love that I get to put a smile on people’s faces each week and can enhance their day in some way.”

Meet Bronwyn, Lifestyle Coordinator at Regis Playford in South Australia. Having been with Regis since 2013, Bronwyn has worked across multiple roles at the Home, including as a Carer, Lifestyle Assistant, and now her current position as Lifestyle Coordinator.

No day is ever the same, and each week provides new opportunities and new challenges. A typical day for Bronwyn starts with a stroll around the Home, greeting each of our residents in her care with a warm smile and delivering their daily paper. Regis Playford has a varied and tailored Lifestyle Program and Bronwyn helps facilitate many of these activities, such as bus outings into the community which are always a huge hit with our residents. On top of that, our Lifestyle Coordinator can be found planning upcoming events, checking budgets, supporting her team and looking after their infamous pet therapy dogs – Miss Lovey and Mr. Squiggles!

Bronwyn expressed that “I love that I can make a difference in someone’s day, even if it’s as simple as having a chat or going out for a bus ride with them.”

When asked about her team at Regis, Bronwyn shared that her team are wonderful; they’re able to communicate with each other effectively about their activities and she loves being able to come up with innovative ideas with them.

“They are all so enthusiastic and passionate about their roles here. Regis gives you the opportunities to expand your knowledge, and supports us in delivering quality activities to our residents. I love the support we are offered and know they are always there when we need.”

If you’re thinking about a career in aged care, Bronwyn shared that volunteering is a great place to begin before completing any certificates and qualifications required. “You need to be compassionate, caring, understanding of many things, willing to learn and listen, and to work in a team.” If you’re interested in volunteering at Regis, you can submit an expression of interest here.

Outside of work, Bronwyn lives on a farm that has over sixty-nine acres and five horses. Our Playford residents are lucky enough to receive special visits from ‘Cheeky’, who is a retired competition horse who lives with Bronwyn. These visits are extremely memorable for our residents and there is always a buzz around the Home!