It’s important for our residents to maintain past interests and home duties, both of which help our residents feel at home and comfortable in their surroundings. Several of our Greenbank residents in Queensland used to sing in their local church choir and were overjoyed to have a local entertainer come into our home for a sing-along.

Maureen said, “what a hoot, I haven’t danced to that song for years – boy oh boy did that bring back some great memories.”

On the other side of the home, Shirley in our dementia support wing jumped straight into helping fold up tea towels, which has had an extremely beneficial outcome – providing her with a sense of purpose, accomplishment and a massive feeling of enjoyment.

Our Resi @ Home program provides residents with opportunities to complete tasks which they are familiar with and have completed their entire life. It provides our residents with purposeful and meaningful activities which enables them to feel useful. In addition, it improves their health and well-being – physical, cognitive and emotional.