Regis has launched a new initiative to host a major event every quarter, inviting residents from all its Western Australian Homes to join. The inaugural event, a mix of wildlife discovery and fine dining, highlights our commitment to providing enriching experiences for its residents.

The event brought together 54 residents from various Regis Homes. The day was structured to provide a mix of interactions with wildlife and a relaxing lunch.

Participants visited Caversham Wildlife Park in the morning engaging with Australian Wildlife. Feeding kangaroos and observing koalas and wombats were among the day’s highlights, bringing smiles and joy to many residents.

Tony from Regis Greenmount said the day was a dream come true.

“I was so happy to meet the koalas,” Tony said. “I’ve got my 100th birthday coming up and that was all I wanted for the day.”

The group members then moved to Mandoon Estate Winery for lunch where they enjoyed a menu featuring choices like salmon with Brussels sprouts or chicken with oyster mushrooms, followed by a dessert platter. The lunch setup included personalised place names, nice quotes, conversation starters and pretty roses.

Regis’ WA Regional Lifestyle & Housekeeping Specialist Clare West said she’s so proud of everyone at Regis.

“This was a really wonderful day for our residents,” Clare said. “They were so happy to see all the animals. Many of the residents told me they’ve never done anything like this before.”

And the special touches the team members worked on didn’t go unnoticed.

“Many of the residents thanked me for creating something that made them feel really special.

“They were also shocked that so many people live in Regis Homes and really enjoyed chatting to everyone.”

The event was not just about enjoyment but also about creating a sense of community among residents from different Homes, as highlighted by their interactions and shared experiences throughout the day.

Comments from residents reflected a sense of joy and privilege at being part of the outing.

“I feel so special I was invited to attend this outing.” (Irene Ling — Regis Nedlands]

“The food was sooooooo good.” (Ismay Van — Regis Nedlands)

“I’m just over the moon.” (Sheila Hall — Regis Nedlands)

We plan to continue this series of events, aiming to provide engaging and enjoyable experiences for its residents every quarter. This initiative reflects Regis’ dedication to its community, ensuring residents have opportunities to explore new environments, build connections with one another and create joyous memories.