Last week, we celebrated Wound Awareness Week by acknowledging the incredible efforts of our employees who work hard to prevent and manage wounds. Every day our Nurses, Assistants in Nursing and Personal Care Assistants support our residents and clients to maintain the best possible skin integrity, which we see as a responsibility and a privilege.

Wound prevention and management have long been entrenched in nursing. The impact of nursing care on the physical and psychological wellbeing of people who have or are at risk of wounds can be significant.

Wound Awareness Week provided the perfect opportunity to reflect on feedback (received during the Regis Aged Care/University of Melbourne Remote Repair Project) and look into how this feedback reflects our purpose in action at Regis. (

“I left quite blown away by some of the very beautiful people that are in Regis Aged Care, you know, the residents and the employees. There’s a lot of beautiful moments in there.”

“I do recall that it (a bony part of the body) was an area of concern, and they were quite proactive at the time when my [relative] became less mobile… I was impressed that at the time, they didn’t seem to wait. They weren’t waiting for something to appear. They were onto it before anything appeared.”

“To me, it’s pretty straightforward. I mean you, Regis, are offering a way to improve the quality of life of our loved ones.”

We are never short of conversation (as you can see in the picture below) when it comes to skin health!