In the true spirit of recycling, Regis Retirement Living Norwood’s resident Michael Clarke has creatively shown that upcycling can breathe new life into disused items if a bit of effort is thrown in.

In the Regis Spirit Upcycling competition, Michael has demonstrated his ingenuity by retrieving two disused mobility walker baskets and turning them into “upcycled” hanging planter baskets. These planter baskets can be hung by their handle or hook onto a screen or fence for decoration. It is not surprising Michael has brightened up his outdoor pergola area with his own creation.

Amanda Smith, Village Manager of Regis Retirement Living Norwood has entered Michael’s effort for the most creative or innovative upcycling category in the Regis Spirit Upcycling Competition.

Michael told our team “I don’t like waste, I enjoy spending time in the garden and when I noticed the baskets in the skip bin I instantly knew what I could create.”

Michael’s upcycling effort could not come at a better time as Global Recycling Day 2021 falls on Thursday 18 March this year.

“Regis is very proud of Michael who displays so much enthusiasm about recycling. We hope to have more residents taking part to support the global green agenda,” said Amanda.