Providing job- ready career-news to carers is vital before they are placed at a Regis facility. If our carers understand what’s expected as both an effective carer and a responsible employee, it’s a terrific result for them, the facility and the care recipients. The Carers Connect Training Centre combines the best of all worlds to get our carers up to speed before they start.

The Carers Connect process consists of a two-day training program run by our expert trainers in selected states as a part of the selection process. The Carers Connect training covers a large number of topics from: how to introduce yourself as a new carer; to how strong relationships can be built between caregiver and care recipients; using appropriate dining etiquette; appropriate toileting and hygiene regime; correct manual handling techniques, etc.

The training also includes the practicalities of working in a business environment; for example, cover how to complete time sheets, writing incident reports, progress notes, OHS policies and record keeping. Various other topics like cultural differences, privacy, respect and dignity are also cover over this two day program as they are equally important while providing care and building a sense of trust with the care recipient.

In Victoria, Nancy runs the Carers Connect training sessions. Nancy is a Registered Nurse who has extensive experience managing various other training and development workshops in our aged care facilities. She has detailed knowledge and an understanding of what a carer needs to know so they can hit the ground running. Nancy says that her basic objective in training is to reinforce the key elements of the Certificate III in Aged care and the Regis values.

This training promotes knowledge and growth whilst strengthening skills that each caregiver requires to be successful. It also builds and increases confidence levels as carers become more aware of safety practices and proper procedures for basic tasks leading to a stronger understanding of the industry, better management of care recipients needs and other role responsibilities.

The Carers Connect training program is an affective program providing great practical benefits for those keen to provide quality care. I’ll provide more about this career enhancing program in next blog post when we introduce a few of our star trainers.