Meet Keziah, Assistant Manager at Townsville aged care residence, Regis Kirwan.

Keziah embarked on her journey at Regis Aged Care in 2015 and has worked across multiple homes and in different positions. These have included Office Coordinator, Assistant Manager and General Manager.

When asked what attracted her to work in the aged care sector, Keziah says “the opportunity to make a difference and work in a field that gives back.” She expresses that it’s a privilege to share a small part of their lives and develop strong meaningful connections with those that she cares for. “I love hearing their stories and just having a chat to them. There is so much we can learn from our elders,” says Keziah.

Flexibility at the workplace has become ever more important for the Assistant Manager at Regis Kirwan. “Since working with Regis I have had two children. It is hard for any mother to juggle work and being a mum. Regis has been amazing in facilitating flexible working conditions so that I have been able to do just that. I feel very privileged to be given the opportunity to continue working in my managerial position in a part-time capacity. I know that this is something that not all workplaces offer. Regis has been very supportive and I am extremely grateful for that.”

Highlighting what she enjoys about working at Regis, Keziah mentions being able to work alongside giving and energetic people. “Working at Regis really gives you a sense of purpose and satisfaction that you are improving the lives of the elderly. Each day we are faced with challenges, yet we work through them as a team together. It really is an honor to work with the people that I do at Regis Kirwan.”

Keziah shares some advice for those looking at a career in aged care. “Take any opportunity that is thrown your way and show a willingness to give it a go. There are so many prospects for career progression that many people may not be aware of. I have been able to further my career myself and have seen many of my colleagues advance their careers and excel in aged care.”