Regulatory Environment

In researching aged care homes for yourself or your loved one, you may see on the My Aged Care website or the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC) website references to terms such as ‘Notice of Non-Compliance’, ‘serious risk’ or ‘timetable for improvement’. If you see these terms associated with a Regis home, please be assured that the Regis home remains fully accredited.

  • Notices of Non compliance
    The Department of Health has the power to send an aged care provider a notice of non-compliance if the provider has not complied with its obligations under the Aged Care Act 1997. If a provider receives a Notice of Non-Compliance, the Department works with them to fix the issues identified. If the issues are fixed, then no further action by the provider is required.
  • Timetable for improvement
    ACQSC issues a timetable for improvement when an aged care home is found not to meet one or more of the legislated outcomes. The timetable sets out the improvements to be made and the maximum time allowed to implement the improvements. If an aged care home is placed on a timetable for improvement, the home works with ACQSC to ensure that issues are fixed within the timeframe.
  • Serious risk findings
    If ACQSC believe that one or more residents have been or may be placed at serious risk in an aged care home, they can make a serious risk finding. This usually happens as part of the audit process and the aged care home deals with risk immediately. A finding of serious risk usually relates to a small number of residents in an aged care home.

Regis prides itself on having an excellent compliance and accreditation history for all of its homes, but like most providers we occasionally are presented with challenges and issues. Issues leading to a Notice of Non-compliance, serious risk finding or timeframe for improvement are rare at Regis.

If you have any concerns about any information published on other websites about Regis, please do not hesitate to contact Regis Advice to discuss your concerns.