Regis Aged Care has commenced its next stage of solar panel installation to 21 homes across Australia. These investments are focussed on reducing our environmental footprint and associated energy costs. This follows our Phase 1 solar rollout of 1.6MW across 17 homes. Upon completion of the second stage, Regis will have installed a total of 3.6MW across 38 homes in less than 12 months.

Regis has partnered with Planet Ark Power to install more than 5,400 solar panels, capable of generating 2MWs of electricity. The total area of the solar panels is 10,500 square metres, enough to cover 40 tennis courts!

The solar rollout will be completed by February 2020.

The installations are estimated to see an annual reduction of up to 20% in electricity consumption and around 2,200 [tonnes of CO2-e] in greenhouse gas emissions across the homes. Energy reduction through solar is equivalent to powering 259 homes’ energy use each year, 1.1 million kgs of coal burnt or 275 million smartphones being charged.

The investment for the program will pay for itself within four years.

Regis National Sustainability Manager Dr Kaushik Sridhar said the Phase 1 and 2 solar upgrades would not only produce better energy performance but also improve the Facility through future proofing our homes against rising energy costs and regulations as well as health impacts from a changing climate. “An increase in worldwide air pollution, caused by gases, chemicals, smog and climate change, is seriously impacting health risks and outcomes” said Dr Sridhar. Solar helps reduce air pollution significantly. Using the sun, rather than electricity, as a power source produces no harmful emissions. “Regis’ 3.6MW solar installed in both Phase 1 & 2 will prevent approximately 3,900 tonnes of carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere per year.”

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