Afternoon sugar cravings at Regis Marleston have never been so appetising with the addition of the Sweet Spot trolley!

A brainstorming session between our skilled residents and the Lifestyle team led to the idea of revamping the outdated medication trolley into a tasty treat haven. Memories of past occupations and missing doing the things they love was the driving inspiration behind the project. The task was indeed in safe hands with former painters, builders, mechanics, and engineers all residing at Regis Marleston.

The plan was simple: a safe, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasingly trolley that could be carted throughout the Home to deliver snacks to residents. An old cupboard that was going to waste was eyed up as the base for the trolley. After our mechanical engineer, Geoff, drew up a design, a shopping list of materials collated, and colours chosen, it was time to get stuck in.

As always, no project is complete without a pilgrimage to Bunnings, so the Regis bus was quickly loaded up in search of the required materials. Upon returning and realising that a few extra tools were needed, the team reached out to our resident, Michael, who is a builder. Michael asked his family to bring in his set of tools so he could be reunited with them and get to work on the project. After a careful and extensive risk assessment, the team gathered their heads and hands to craft their masterpiece.


Over the past few months, the trolley transformed from an old run-down cupboard into a glorious sugar station. Tracking their progress through every step and watching it come together has been a joy for the entire team.

The residents adored this project, and it was fantastic to see their effective collaboration efforts, skills, and experience that they certainly haven’t lost. Each resident that took part played a vital role, and we can’t wait to see the result of their next project, which is already in the works.