Hi All,

In my previous blog, “How Regis Cares Connect can build your skills” I discussed how our training with our course trainers allow us to support your skill and development. Our trainers are highly skilled clinicians with many years of experience so let me introduce you to our QLD and WA trainers;

Louise Doohan from Queensland.

Louise has spent the past 28 years in the nursing industry, beginning as an enrolled nurse training in the hospital environment. Louise later undertook a Bachelor of Nursing, studying full time whilst working. Louise has worked throughout Queensland with experience in infectious diseases, emergency, indigenous care and community nursing. She is committed to delivering high quality training for the benefit of the people we care for and for those join Regis.

Louise says “Carers Connect gives people an opportunity to ask questions and get to learn about the philosophy of Regis. The education gives the potential employees a consolidation of the knowledge that a lot of new carers have and understanding of expectations that Regis as a company holds.”

Connie Njiru from Western Australia and Northern Territory.

Connie has been a part of the Regis team for over 5 years, bringing over 8 years experience as a Registered Nurse. Connie says “I love being a nurse and enjoy training and getting our carers job ready”. Connie believes that Carers Connect imparts a great deal of knowledge and information on new staff before they commence work at Regis. It empowers them to better look after the care recipients and understand the aged care industry as a whole. Connie also comments “It is always an honour and privilege to meet new staff and see how Carers Connect has transformed them to be star caregivers and the joy the care recipients receive from having such caregivers. Carers Connect challenges your mind and enables you to be your best”.

Louise and Connie are a few of our exceptional trainers who impart excellent insight and industry knowledge to those who want to excel as a carer.