What Happened at Regis Nedlands?

What happened at Regis Nedlands in September?

Aged no obstacle to new friendships at Regis

Age is proving no barrier to the strong friendships which are blooming at Regis Nedlands, thanks to a new partnership with the University of Western Australia’s Student Guild and volunteers from community-based, not-for-profit organisation Advocare.

Residents at the western suburbs home have been striking up friendships with students from UWA as part of an intergenerational partnership with the aged care home, which aims to improve social isolation and combat generational stereotypes by building strong connections and bridging the intergenerational gap.

The program, which runs twice weekly until December, enables students to directly interact with Regis seniors and form significant bonds, for example by running art workshops and other meaningful activities.


What happened at Regis Nedlands in May?

Delta Dogs

Meet Milly, the fortnightly visitor at Regis Nedlands. Since September 2021, Milly has been a regular visitor bringing cuteness overload and bundles of joy to our residents. Milly is almost 5 years old and as most residents always ask, her breed is Cavoodle. Milly’s owner, Sue, volunteers with Delta Therapy Dogs, which brought her and Milly to Regis Nedlands. Sue is retired now and heard about this program through a friend and thought it’d be a wonderful way for her to “help in the community.”


Delta Therapy Dogs is a national not-for-profit organisation that believes the human-animal bond improves quality of life and aims to help animals bring joy to people. The Delta Therapy Dogs Program partners participating members with an incredible group of volunteers and their beloved pets who are willing to give their time and commitment.

Milly is a “sweet natured, cuddly, and gentle girl” who is always very patient and forgiving. She is devoted to Sue, always following her around and giving her cuddles, which she undeniably loves. All the residents absolutely adore her and eagerly anticipate her next visit; “she is the perfect therapy dog,” said Sue. The residents always compliment Milly saying, “she is so gorgeous” and ask, “can we see her again next week?”

What happened at Regis Nedlands in April?

Resident Goals

Our resident Roy from Regis Nedlands had the personal goal of playing golf once again. This inspired the Lifestyle Team to arrange a trip to the Wembley Golf Course in Perth. Roy had a blast being out on the course, exclaiming “that was a great morning!” The highlight of the day for the group would have to be our resident Frances getting a hole in one hit which made everyone celebrate! On the trip back, the residents gave the team a round of applause to show their gratitude for organising such a fun day out! Achieving personal goals is extremely important and our teams at each Home dedicate themselves to helping our residents accomplish these.



Sculpture by the Sea

Sculpture by the Sea with Regis Nedlands! Last week some of our residents went on a spontaneous bus trip down to Cottesloe Beach to attend the annual sculpture exhibition. Resident Aurora mentioned she was eager to see the beautiful sculptures at Cottesloe Beach and the amazing Lifestyle Team and General Manager, Sam Waldron, made it happen. Our residents were engulfed by the wonderful art and loved the expression of creativity. Their favourite piece? Chee Kiong Yeo’s ‘Monumental #01 – Triumph (2017).’

What Happened at Regis Nedlands in April

What happened at Regis Nedlands in March?

Sustainability Sensation

Sustainability has been top of mind at Regis Nedlands. After the sweltering heatwave, Perth was hit with over the summer, some of the plants were left a little worse for wear. The Lifestyle team decided it was time to revamp the area and brighten it up with a sustainable project, and chose to convert the garden bed on level four into a herb garden for everyone at the Home to use. Sam Waldron, the General Manager at Regis Nedlands, made a trip to Bunnings to gather all the supplies necessary, and also removed all the weeds to bring this project to life.

The next morning, our new garden bed was transformed with many of the residents participating in this new sustainability venture. They were all very focused on getting the job done, and got involved by putting the soil and fertilizer into the garden bed, planting the fresh herbs, decorating the bed, as well as watering their new garden. All the residents and employees were so excited by the final result, “loved the decorations” and were so excited to “use the herbs for cooking.” The fresh aroma of the new herb garden was something the residents loved and are still talking about.


Beach Surprises

Regis Nedlands recently ventured out to enjoy the sun rays and sea breeze, but this was no ordinary day at the beach. This bus trip down to Leighton Beach was particularly special for our resident Lesley Brunini. Lesley used to live in the town of Broome filled with some of the most beautiful beaches and is now always eager to get down to the beach whenever she can. However, due to her mobility, she hadn’t been able to get close to the shore, until the team discovered the Sandcruiser Beach Wheelchair program.

Megan-Jane, one of our Lifestyle Assistants at Regis Nedlands, found a fascinating article entitled “Salty dive a wheel winner.” This led her to the Sandcruiser Beach Wheelchair program, which has an all-terrain wheelchair for hire. Lesley didn’t know why this trip to the beach would be so special since she’d “been there a hundred times,” but thanks to this discovery, Lesley was able to get right out to the shore at Leighton Beach. She blissfully enjoyed the sound of the waves and soaked up every moment. All the residents had a blast that day since they were able to dip into the clear blue water.

What happened at Regis Nedlands in March?